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 #389415  by pabdex
My car is a 300m 2,7, 1998.

I'm having my front wheel bearings replaced. Got 2 identical bearings from the auto part company and took the car with my mechanic . He fit the one on the left side but the right side did not fit. The one that was mounted in the vehicle looks quite different from the one I bought new (see attached images). I contacted the auto parts company and they replied that the ring was missing and was sold separately. Bought the ring but it does not fit on the bearing. See video here: ... zWoYsXdNIk.

Looking closer at the pics of the 2 bearings it is clear they are not the same and the separate sensor ring does not make any difference whatsoever. I've been looking up and down online to find a bearing that looks like the one that was in the vehicle but I can only find bearings that are look like the one that fits on the left side.

Can anyone tell me where the problem lies? Is the bearing for the right side really different from the left or is my mechanic missing something? If it is different, why can't I find it?

Help greatly appreciated.

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 #389416  by TrepKing95
Looks like part of the bearing stayed behind in the knuckle; you'll need to remove that in order to install your new parts. I had the same issue on both sides when I replaced them on my 1999 300M... I was able to get that shield out with a hammer and chisel. Just be careful not to damage the knuckle.
 #389420  by pabdex
Thanks for the reply. I actually thought that might be the explanation but since I'm totally illiterate when it comes to car mechanics I didn't want to suggest it to my mechanic. I will now though. Thanks again.
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