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This is the place for off-topic discussions

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 #389613  by EasyRider300M
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 #389616  by FIREM
Scary Truth is junk like this is right next to us as we drive!!
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 #389657  by LUNAT1C
Always get a kick out of these "customer states" videos. And always keep a HEALTHY distance from anything that isn't driving straight and true with no wobbly wheels or overly bouncing suspension.
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 #389666  by TrepKing95
As an inspector in VA I see some CRAZY vehicles come in for an inspection.... "Sorry sir, your brakes that measure -2/32" won't be passing inspection today... You didn't think to get them replaced when you *first* heard the grinding noises?"
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 #389676  by EasyRider300M
Another Exciting Episode of "Just Rolled In"
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