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 #389739  by FIREM
Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to the M faMily. We are “back home” in NJ to spend some one with kids, grandkids, and family.
Good thing FIREM is comfortable. First half of the trip to VA went well Tuesday. Wednesday was a totally different trip. 9.5 hours for what should have been a 5 hour trip.
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 #389745  by First Lady
Happy Thanksgiving all!!
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 #389761  by Sneke_Eyez
Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope the holiday was enjoyed by all!
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 #389764  by LUNAT1C
Indeed I hope everyone had a good and safe holiday. Nick drove the Durango home to Royersford on Friday and will be there a bit over a week, so Luna's garage-mate is currently the Jeep. I'm getting to used to being able to use the garage for my daily driver. :lol:
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 #389772  by FIREM
Thankful I no longer have to deal with thisImage