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 #389810  by yoyop5050
As the title says, I've been looking everywhere online and nearby shops for a clockspring that fits this car. Does anyone have any information regarding if there are different types of clocksprings and which one fits 2002 300m base model? I've seen one online at advance auto for $250 (which is insanely high) but is nowhere near my area; I don't know if it's the exact fit.

Do I need any special tools to take out the part?
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 #389812  by M-Pressive
There are different versions based on whether you have steering wheel controls or not.

Not the easiest project. We have a write up for members of the club.
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 #389815  by FIREM
Two different part numbers and designs.
5 wire withOUT audio controls on back of steering wheel. 4698304AD
7 wire WITH audio controls on steering wheel 4649400AC
Aftermarket tends to favor the 5 wire one. DOR 525-143
2002 could have either one.
Might find one in a yard but expect to have to buy the whole steering column ($100+-)
Clock spring is unique to the LH line so only a LH donor would work.
There is a specific procedure to set and lock the part so it will not be damaged and you need a steering wheel puller to access.
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 #389830  by adu1982
Buy the membership and use the how to. I practiced on taking mine of since it was bad . I bought the harbor freight puller, works on other cars too, and as all harbor freight tools is decent price. Not too bad of a job. Our yards in Florida, charged me just for the clock spring, shows 18$ now, than the other one didn't have it in their system so they charged me as "other" i think same thing maybe 15-20$...

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 #389833  by LUNAT1C
I picked up a spare 7-wire clockspring from an audio control car when I pulled its steering wheel, to keep as a spare in case mine fails. I've yet to come across a yard that requires purchase of an entire assembly when getting one small part, they often have price lists broken down to even minor parts (example, if I don't remove the gauge cluster and airbag from a dash I want, the cost of the dash goes from $40 to $95... if I don't remove switches from a door panel, it's cost goes up by $5-20 depending on the number of switches and if it's a drivers door with master switch panel... etc.).
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 #389838  by adu1982
They sell airbags...they don't allow airbags in the yards I've been to be sold.

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