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Talk about changing your own brakes

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 #390753  by M-Pressive
After years of talking about making a big brake kit with others in the club, I am going to attempt it

I bought set of spindles off of eBay and a set of Cadillac XTS calipers as well. They were made by Brembo.

Going to get a band saw to cut the ears off the spindles in the next couple weeks.

Next up is a set of rotors from a Magnum AWD and then it is time to mock it up.

ImageHosted on Fotki

ImageHosted on Fotki

ImageHosted on Fotki
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 #390754  by M-Pressive
A couple of thoughts as I tackle this.

I assume I need to change out the lines to braided? Anyone remember that company that made them for our cars?

Will I need to change the master cylinder or booster as well? I know Ryan put a different booster in at some point that built more pressure.

Thanks in advance!
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 #390763  by FIREM
Looks like Caddy used "rubber" brake lines from your pic. OEM brake lines are many layered and reinforced so as not to expand while braking. Many opinions on this topic but at the end of the day S/S "look better" than rubber, do they perform better, maybe on an autocross track........
Link to Alan's S/S brake line topic from the past viewtopic.php?t=19149
"Big Brake" improvement is all in the surface area, clamping force and cooling. Clamping force, simple hydraulic equation of Pressure X Area= Force (Area being master/caliper piston relationship.
I would dig into the specs for the booster and master used in the Caddy vs sizes & specs for the M to determine what to do.
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 #392654  by Loverman
Couple of things.
Steering knuckles are diffrent in thickness between special and standard m.
In rotors from 300c/magnum You need to bore inner diameter, because in M You have 73.6 mm and in 300c 72.6mm.
I didn't changed master cylinder or anything.
But good luck!!
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 #393342  by sdugasjr
Any update on this?
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 #393345  by M-Pressive
I put my hands on the box they are in…

We moved in February and haven’t touched the cars or projects.

Hopefully this summer I can get back to it.

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