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 #390841  by charliebues
I have read through a couple of forums regarding dash covers, and my research brought me back to reliable Rockauto. There are apparently loads of different dash covers and different materials such as: plastic, poly carpet, plush velour, suede, and woven. Has anyone tried these Dash Designs covers? Finding uncracked black dashboards for my 300M base is difficult.
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 #390842  by LUNAT1C
I don't know of anyone who has one, but from the images I've seen it appears to be something that essentially makes the crack a part of the design. Most dashes crack where the material thin around the airbag door, and these plastic covers have a very clear line around the airbag so it doesn't impede deployment.

In my opinion, unless your dash is cracked six ways from sunday, those plastic caps don't improve the situation. Sourcing a new dash is the better way to go to achieve that goal. After buying my house, I found an uncracked Deep Slate dash in a Special at a Detroit salvage yard and took it home to keep for that rainy day if and when my factory dash cracks. I'm continually hitting it with 303 protectant, keeping it in the garage, and using a covercraft fitted sunshield whenever the car sits outside, staving off that eventuality.
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 #390844  by FIREM
Plastic Coverlay is CRAP at it's finest.
If I had no choice a Cheapo Carpet would look better than cracks as a temporary hide.
There are dashes out there we just have to find them. I am always looking for a "Spare" Dark Slate to put into "stock" for me.
I have passed on one or two good tan ones, maybe a tan could be dyed ????
Under $100 local Pick & Pull
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 #390845  by In-trepid
I come across Dark Slate dashes fairly often, although not as often as I used to. I'm down to two in my stock currently. I have passed on a few since last summer because I don't have the space for them. The nice thing is that both base and Special dashes are the same. Price here is now right at $100 for a complete dash.