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  • Summer 2022 Club Merchandise Order: Order now through June 5th!!

  • Discussions about logoed merchandise available to club members.
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Discussions about logoed merchandise available to club members.

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 #390881  by First Lady
It's that time - club merchandise time! Thanks John Smith for the ask, I hadn't planned on doing one.

Please review these details before you start to place your order:

Order Form:

Prices are as marked. The company very often runs sales and when the club order is placed, depending on the current sale, a partial refund or shipping credit will be given on each order. Details will be provided once the discount is known and the order is made.

Please note that we are not able to customize the embroidery color on these items. Given the base color of the article, a embroidery color has been set for all items.

There is no guarantee that what you select will be available to purchase when the order is made. Supply chain challenges have made some sizes in some colors unavailable. Please let me know if you're looking for something else.

Completing this form:
Please use the available checkbox to indicate the item you wish to purchase.

****If you just wish to look at the items that are available, please enter your shopper information and click through the merchandise. The final item will have a blue SUBMIT button on it. If you DO NOT wish to make a purchase, please do not hit the SUMBIT button.****

Place your order between now and Sunday, June 5th at 9:00PM EST. You will receive an order confirmation email from Lindsey with your order summary and a total price. Please review carefully as this is what will be ordered for you. You will then need to PayPal as Friends and Family the total for your merchandise order. The group order will be placed on Tuesday, June 14th and if you have not paid by this date, your merchandise will not be ordered. The club will not be ordering any extra items, only those that are ordered by members. The timeline is short!

Shipping will be calculated once Lindsey receives the merchandise. Shipping totals will be sent in an email and merchandise will be mailed once payment is received through PayPal. Total shipping per order will include a portion of the main order shipping and individual shipping to the buyers house. Keep in mind I hope to deliver to the Carlisle meet at no cost!! There is potential that the timing will not allow for this so please keep that in mind.

Notes Section on each item:
Please include notes about errors. All notes will be confirmed in the individual order summary emails.

Please send questions to

*Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club merchandise is reserved for active club members only*

Happy shopping!
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 #390882  by First Lady

This year I added a long-sleeved t-shirt! I had ordered one for Keith for his birthday and they're great.
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 #390884  by FIREM
Hats? Please :wink:
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 #390885  by M-Pressive
FIREM wrote:Hats? Please :wink:
This company will not do hats for us. Logo has too many stitches.

Going to work on something else local and see if we have any luck.
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 #390886  by First Lady
Yes, I tired a hat with my last order and they printed the logo without my approval which was missing half of the components of the logo. Got them refunded but now will turn local to see if it’s possible. Will also look into baseball style coats as I hear there’s interest there too. Stay tuned!
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 #390895  by First Lady
UPDATE: Sorry to do this to everyone, but I'm needing to push the order date up by a week. Please make your order by Sunday, June 5th at 9:00pm ET. Thank you!!
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 #390941  by First Lady
Hey there! Just wanted to send a reminder that there's 1 week left to place your embroidered club merch order!! Please send by next Sunday.