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 #391450  by Adrian63
So I got ... 3621%21sea and it doesn't work.

Yea I know its china ,what should I expect ,but I remember Remi once said he got some and worked. What is the trick? With the DRBIII can't train them...I get the 2 chimes for training but nothing happens. I have a 315mhz RKE from US and those are 315mhz remotes ....what am I missing ?

I would have asked this on the facebook but lol got banned for btiching about gas prices and taxes :mrgreen:
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 #391451  by LUNAT1C
Facebook likely won't get a good answer anyway...

I remember there being some discussion here recently about certain part numbers applying to certain years. I can't recall the details. Do you know what OEM part number your aftermarket units correspond with?

I'm always a fan of keeping it OEM. If I can find the link again I will share it, there is a company that specializes in selling refurbished OEM keyfobs and remotes. They remove the electronic "guts", carefully clean them and repair any bad solder joints, test for function, and install in a new enclosure with new battery. So you get the OEM electronics with new plastic shell and rubber button pads. OEM functionality, brand new look and feel.

I'll take a look but might be a few days, hands are tied preparing for Carlisle and driving out tomorrow morning.
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 #391452  by Adrian63
well the RKE is from a 2000 year model 315mhz US (I also have a crappy European model that has the 400 something mhz and half a mm range) ...I swapped to a US RKE . I have the module but I need the keyfobs.
GQ43VT9T I don't have yet . I got only FCC ID number GQ43VT17T from AliExpress .I imagine if this one doesn't work I should try the FCC ID number GQ43VT9T since on that site they don't have P/N.

Oh and yes its a European 300M 3.5. I'm just trying to get it to have the better range US cars got. Remi said keyfobs on AliExpress should work but lol I'm doing something wrong. There are only 2 FCC ID numbers for 315Mhz. Should I try through elimination . Asking because I hate waiting 2 months to get a keyfob from China that doesn't work. Also US OEM keyfobs in Europe are impossible to find.

Here's Remi's video

In the meantime I will have to reinstall my old RKE and use my useless European keyfobs....its a pain to remove the BCM.

p.s. Not related but today I found (i knew but I did the practical test ) that the odometer is stored in the BCM .Had a BCM from my parts car with only 95,000 miles ...going to hell for this lol
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