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A place for new and perspective members to get more information about the club.

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 #391491  by Abiesalba
What an amazing club event and group of 300m enthusiasts! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone at the Carlisle show. We'll be talking it up for some time to come.

As newbies to the club we appreciate everyone's genuine welcoming and sharing nature and look forward to future events.

It's obvious a lot of hard work and dedication go into making such an event a success and we extend our thanks to everyone involved.

And thank you too, to all who chose our 300m for the John Benjamin and The Best Interior awards.

Although we'd not met John, his legacy is mirrored in the club's leadership, for it is true that the top guys set the tone for the rest. It's refreshing and inspiring, keep at it and pass it on

John Potter
Bob Willits
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 #391492  by LUNAT1C
John and Bob, it was a pleasure to meet the two of you and see your time capsule of a 300M. It's in great hands with the two of you and everyone here is happy and ready to help you both out anytime something comes up.

Congrats on your awards, hope to see you again next year! Or possibly the next meet, Myrtle Beach in October!
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 #391498  by First Lady
Thanks so much John! It was a true pleasure to meet you and Bob and see your amazing car. Until next time!!
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 #391505  by In-trepid
I was a pleasure to meet you guys. What a beautiful car and I'm sure it will dominate the lowest mileage in the club, if not the world, for years to come. Being your first Carlisle, I can tell you from experience, that you learned way more than you will ever remember or comprehend in the short time that we had to "data dump" information to you. Please feel free to post information, ask questions, and email, call, or text any of us. As you may have read or heard before, "The cars bring us together, the friendships bring us back" and "This is more than a car club, it's a family". We are all willing to help with issues that arise, find the right part numbers or parts, export our great wealth of detailing information, or just chit chat as new friends. I hope to see you guys again soon!
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 #391506  by M-Pressive
It was great to meet you both!

Your car is amazing! Was so happy to get to see it in person.

Hopefully we will see you next year!
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 #391508  by Abiesalba
Thank you! It was our pleasure to meet you and Lindsey! Definitely will be there in 2023!
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 #391521  by Sneke_Eyez
It was wonderful to meet you guys and to see your beautiful car!
I can't wait to see it again!
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 #391552  by FIREM
John & Bob great to meet you guys and see your Inferno Red Time Capsule.
Take care, stay safe and see you next year.