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 #391728  by M-Pressive
Hey everyone,

Been working on piecing together a mod that I am super excited about.

Found a set of clear tails for sale in Norway. Grabbed those.

Shipped them out to a guy that makes custom tails that you control with your phone.

The results are pretty amazing. Brake, turn and reverse work as normal. Patterns controlled with my phone.

Need to put the trunk back together but I am super happy with them. Big debut next weekend in savannah at an indoor show that is having a glow off.

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 #391731  by First Lady
The video doesn't even do them justice! They're so clear and colorful. It's so cool in person!
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 #391735  by LUNAT1C
Can't wait to see it in October!
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 #391771  by Sneke_Eyez
These are super cool my friend. I am glad to see you found somebody to build what you wanted!
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 #391772  by M-Pressive
Went to an indoor show in Savannah.

Won a Top 50 award and Best Glow out of all in the show.

When the glow award was announced the announcer said it was the coolest set of tails they had seen in years.
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 #391774  by FIREM
Quite an addition to your already over the top lighting!!
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 #391775  by EasyRider300M
If you accidentally have them on while you're driving, you'll see another car behind you with a fancy light show signalling you to pull over. :D
 #391779  by StealthM
 #391790  by Countachqv
very cool tail lights.. I did not know some guys can do this. This is artisanal? I mean he does one off?
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 #391792  by M-Pressive
He doesn't make lenses or anything like that but can design the custom lighting for any car.
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 #391809  by sparky99
you already know my thoughts on these! They are flippin sweet! Congrats on finally getting the fully custom tails you have been after for quite some time.
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 #391864  by SJSlick75
Wow. That’s amazing looking. Have to make a meet very soon and see the cars and people again!
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