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 #391971  by EasyRider300M
Notice wheel bearing noise over the last 50 miles or so . Noise gets louder when turning left so it must be the right front bearing. I ordered a Moog hub and bearing from Rockauto. Anyone use Moog before for wheel bearing? Are they a decent hub/bearing?
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 #391972  by FIREM
Have not yet replaced any wheel bearings so no history with any brand (243k)
Are you sure it is not the ball joint heat shield??
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 #391973  by EasyRider300M
the noise gets louder when turning the steering wheel left while going about 30 mph...I did have a mechanic listen for it via driving and via putting on lift and putting stethoscope on that wheel while in drive and he says it's the bearing...didnt get any play when pushing on wheel right and left or up and down while on lift. My M has 90,000 miles on it and I only drive 1000 miles a year.
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 #391974  by M-Pressive
I have used Moog with no issues. The black special had both replaced with Moog and they were fine.
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 #391975  by EasyRider300M
how many miles were on the Special when they wore out?
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 #391976  by M-Pressive
The passenger one went many years ago. Best guess is 150-160k.

Driver one just went earlier this year. About 210k
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 #391977  by EasyRider300M
Keith...have you had to replace ball joints or control arms in any of your Ms? if so, at what mileage?
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 #391978  by M-Pressive
Nothing has been replaced in Lindsey's car like that. It is at 80k.

The black car had everything replaced you mention at various points from 160-200k miles. Upper ball joints should be replaced with the easier sleeves for alignments. The control arms and tension struts were done by Bob and I last year. They were LONG overdue though and close to dangerous.

On the show car I have had to replace all that stuff twice, air ride is hard on the suspension pieces.
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 #391979  by EasyRider300M
Does spraying silcone spray on all rubber suspension bushings prolong their life?
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 #391980  by EasyRider300M
I am getting unusual wear on my left front tire. The inside and outside edges of tire are showing lots of wear and feathering yet middle of tire is wearing evenly. What could cause that? I keep tire pressure about 36 lbs.
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 #391986  by M-Pressive
When is the last time you had an alignment?

You may need a suspension overall in the front or someone to look and see what is loose.

Could just be an alignment or something that is worn out.
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 #391988  by EasyRider300M
steering feels play in steering but it tracks toward the right slightly if I take my hands off the wheel on a straight road.
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 #391991  by Sneke_Eyez
Steve, wish I had seen this sooner - the parts car that left my driveway on Saturday had a nearly new wheel bearing installed, but I didn't have another to swap it out with and the ones in the front of my Special are fine.

I have swapped the bearings out in my previous Special, in my Intrepid, and I believe in my wife's former Pro Am. I used Moogs each time with no issues.
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 #391996  by LUNAT1C
Odd tire wear and tracking right when doing your best "look ma no hands!" impression indicates to me an alignment issue.

Last year I replaced my control arms and tension struts with new Moog/Dorman simply because my ball joint boots ripped and bushings were badly dry rotted after 140,000 miles. This year I did my inner rod bushings and outer tie rods using OEM or OEM supplier components, and replaced my endlinks for second time (Moog) and stabilizer bushings (moog) for the third time (second time was NOS OEM previously, not sure if they were actually worn, still have my clunk and all that's left is strut mount bearings, now waiting for time to do it). I had stellar alignment before all this and no tire wear issues. Getting a new alignment Friday to keep that condition.