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 #392061  by First Lady
We gained one to the group and are parking lot sitting so it feels like the meet has started!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the morning for the beginning of the show. So far 5 present and accounted for!


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 #392065  by First Lady
For our first day at this event, I’d call it a success!

Started off with the beer delivery guys freaking out about our cars! They were so excited to see Ms and so many!!! And ended with Mikey in his glory finding unicorn parts for everyone.

Cars looked great set up and Bob was a trooper after knee surgery less than 24 hours before. Had the awesome addition of Squirt, Dave and Cindy’s puppy. Clarence and Keith scored cool signs.

More to come tomorrow but check out this link for proof of fun! ... each-2022/
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 #392067  by Sneke_Eyez
Looks like a fun time is being had by all! Hope you have another great day today!
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 #392070  by First Lady
Thanks Ryan!!

Lot is much more full this morning. Most are cleaned and ready to go! Mikey is the next spokesman for ceramic coating in case you need to be persuaded!!

Awaiting the Days and we will be rocking and rolling!!
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 #392073  by First Lady
Delayed in posting as it wasn’t accepting my pictures! Going without for now.

Yesterday was the warmest day and very well attended - tons of cars and some really cool stuff!

More damage done at the sign vendor by Clarence and Keith. Had dinner at a fun place that had Darlene dancing ON her chair!! Quick trip to the beach for sunset and ended the night hanging on the porch of the house.

Todays event has much more attendees and is a little cooler. Show ends at 4 and then off to the Days for a pizza party.

I’m in denial the end is nearing!!!
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 #392089  by First Lady
Hard to believe it’s come to an end!!

Many are home and the last few making their way (hopefully through big winnings!).

Fun was had by all and we ended the weekend with a pizza party at the Days house. Such a nice way to round out the weekend!

Thanks to all who made the trip!!!!
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 #392090  by StealthySteph
We had such an amazing time visiting with our M family! Our group may not have won any awards this time around but we sure had fun and made some awesome memories!
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 #392092  by LUNAT1C
We're heading out of Cross Lanes WV shortly to finish the trip back home. The goodbyes are the worst part of these trips, but we always look forward to "next time".

Certainly Carlisle. I'm sure some of us will be planning future vacations to distant lands, I heard something about helicopters... :shock:
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 #392093  by FIREM
Wow that was a quick meet. Time flies by especially if you are stuck in "Limp Mode" LOL
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 #392108  by In-trepid
I guess that gave a whole new meaning to "limp mode". Looks like you are faring pretty well Bob.
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 #392116  by Sneke_Eyez
Limp mode! :D I love it! Hope you are on the mend Bob!
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 #392118  by FIREM
Hi gang! Despite some attempts of "fluid change " (lol) and other diagnostic procedures, still in LIMP MODE ! a week later.
Slow progress but today, feeling better, I just might attempt unloading the car from the meet!
Hope all are home safe by this time.
 #392121  by StealthM
Good to hear Bob. keep it up.
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 #392128  by First Lady
Recovery is a process…and an important one at that!! Do what you can, when you can. You’ll be back at full throttle in no time if you allow the paint to dry.

Did I speak your language?! Keep up the good work!!
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 #392129  by FIREM
I needed that!!!Still Laughing !!!!
Thank You!!
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 #392302  by FIREM
Looks like we picked a good fall meet. Mopar's at the Beach appears to be a Challenger/Charger dominated event. Only a few "old school" and 1 LH represented in these images. ... /i-WndpQMk
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 #392303  by LUNAT1C
Interesting, shame that R/T didn't make it out last year to join us. I see my friends Darcie and Lester made it down from NC in their hellcat Durango that matches our R/T.

Coming down would have been a challenge for us this, as I look outside at a blanket of snow. November is one of those "who knows" months for weather, October is always better for us to travel on summer tires.
 #392356  by StealthM
I think that's the Intrepid that smoked his engine at Darlington last year... Good to see he got it up and running ....