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 #366740  by Wolfe359_01
Sorry...didnt know where to put this...

I drive a 2002 300m Special

My side mirror seems to have "leaked" an oily fluid that was between(?) the glass and the mirror. Quite gross.
Now I am looking for a replacement, but am unsure of what I need. I read that some are heated, but I can't remember ever seeing a switch or light showing "on" for heat. I assume the fluid was a tinting of some kind.
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 #366742  by In-trepid
I believe that all 300m mirrors are heated and I know for sure that all Special mirrors are heated. They are easy to replace and there are plenty of previous posts and knowledgebase posts that explain how to get them out.
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 #366748  by 300maximilien
Order a replacement from either a dealer or online OEM parts seller. IIRC the part # is right on the glass
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 #366754  by Sneke_Eyez
The "fluid" is the autodimming gel. It is held in a membrane in the glass which breaks and allows it to leak and look terrible.

All Specials had autodimming driver's side mirrors and heated mirror glass on both sides.

I usually grab good driver's mirror glass when I find it in the junkyard as they are becoming tougher and tougher to find.
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 #366755  by M-Pressive
Part number for the glass only-
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 #383912  by artwinn
I've been looking for one with no success for 3 months now. Mopar, Quirk, Tasca ... none of them can provide. Even seems unable to locate one. Any suggestions?
 #392466  by rustybronco
For anyone else looking, try P/N 5018467AA. It's a heated only application. It should get you by until you can locate the autodimming mirror glass.

Just an FYI.
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 #392468  by LUNAT1C
Good autodim is one of those very hard to find pieces. I have one spare in my stash, and the one on the car now is not the original, because my original turned brown. The failures are turning brown, and the autodimming liquid "leaking" through the membrane Ryan mentioned and collecting at the bottom of the glass assembly. Not available new any longer, only way to replace is to find a good used one at a salvage yard or on eBay. I always check all mirrors at the yard even when I went there for other things.
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 #392469  by FIREM
Don’t know if it helps but my “spare “ is stored laying down rather than standing on edge……