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Discussions on suspension & steering repairs or upgrades.

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 #392608  by rustybronco
I bought a 2003 300M special that someone put Duralast base model quick struts on it. They have zero miles on them. I bought the KYB Excel-G struts for all four corners in anticipation of replacing the struts. I checked with the seller and the original struts removed are no longer around. If I use the replacement base model springs that are on the Duralast quick struts, how much different do you think the ride will be or am I over thinking this?

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 #392610  by In-trepid
You can currently get Special front springs on Rock Auto. Rears are nowhere to be found. I ended up putting lowering springs on my Special with the KYB springs and Mopar mounts and bearings in the front The car sits about an inch lower than stock Special springs. The ride is a bit harsh, but it handles like a sports car with very little lean.
 #392611  by rustybronco
Mevotech said the SMS7506 front springs 'no stock'. I haven't messaged Centric yet but those are out of stock everywhere.. Not holding out any hope.