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 #390139  by M-Pressive
I was helping someone the other day on Facebook about a shift cable problem.

The original part number I have ordered in the past is discontinued.

Was able to find this part number - 4593215BB. Says it replaces our original cable which was 5114093AA.

I can not guarantee fitment but wanted to post here.

If someone orders one please let us know if it works!
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 #390154  by FIREM
There are actually 2 "classes" of shift cable for LH cars with consoles.

PRE 05/26/02 Production Date 4593215BB / 459321BA / 5114093AA
At this time available here: ... nvCPMnKsJc
For a reasonable $$

AFTER 05/27/02 Production Date 4578168AA / 4578168AB
Appears to be rare at this time.
Difference unknown at this time Researching....
UPDATE ... 2&start=20
according to post #306410 "You would need to replace the shifter - the details of attachment of the cable at the shifter are different. Also, the details of the shifter-ignition interlock cable are different - so you would need to also get the shifter and the interlock cable to upgrade to the later design shifter cable."
FWIW I can not locate ant difference in the shift assembly part numbers and or the lock cable. Only the Shift Cable for a strange reason.
If anyone can confirm these differences please post your notes
Also someone PM me with a VIN after 5/27/02, all I have are pre

Above part # information confirmed with early & late VIN's
 #390156  by cin993
Maybe five years ago i used the #5114093AA for $85 and it works well on 2001 model year.

BEfore replacing this cable, shifting gears was sometimes very stiff especially in the winter months w cold weather.

New cable made a huge difference; shifts like butter
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 #390157  by LUNAT1C
Interesting, I was only aware of the shift cable being revised for 02-04, not that late 02-04 was different and apparently not directly interchangeable?
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 #390159  by M-Pressive
Sent you a PM with a VIN.
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 #390167  by FIREM
Thanks Keith, above part # information confirmed, post edited.
 #390944  by Johnj
I’m about to tear into this myself I have a 99 300m and all of my local part stores can’t help me at all unless I have a part number which I don’t know i guess nothing pops up in their system for this car for some reason
 #390946  by Johnj
Still having trouble using above part numbers I don’t know what’s going on can’t seem to find one anywhere
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 #390947  by M-Pressive
Are you going to parts stores?

Those are dealer only part numbers. If you call you local dealer they should be able to help and verify the part number. You won’t find a shift cable at a local chain parts store.
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 #392288  by M-Pressive
Sleddin_Pau;ie wrote: November 15th, 2022, 9:55 pm Wondering if anyone was able to find the Shift cable. Having a hard time finding one. Part# 5114093AA. Thanks
They seem to be all gone...

None available that I can find
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 #392296  by FIREM
Added to my list of “Yard Parts” to grab for “stock”
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 #392310  by In-trepid
That would be one of the few parts that I do not have. I also will probably get a couple of yard spares for my collection.
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 #392929  by FIREM
Shift Cable Differences Early/Late Design.
Left, with Metal Retaining Ring and sleeve Early Design PRE 05/26/02 Production Date 4593215BB / 459321BA / 5114093AA
Right with PLASTIC Retainer and sleeve AFTER 05/27/02 Production Date 4578168AA / 4578168AB
While the "sleeve" portion is different, all other aspects of cable appear the same. Length, travel, diameter of end eyelets, trans mounting etc.
Image of EARLY bracket that Metal Cable mounts into with a "horseshoe" retainer
"Late" style cable self latches into its bracket.
My best guess id that a "Cost Reduction" drove the change.
Molded plastic vs crimped metal parts and elimination of the horseshoe clip had to be less expensive.
I was unable to get a pic as the shifter assembly was gone from the 04.
I was able to snap in and secure the "Late" Cable into the "Early" bracket.
The only thing I am unsure of is the actual cable adjustment.
It appears that a "late" cable can fit however it may take some fine tuning (bending) of the anchor bracket to properly select the lever position at the trans.
Ignition Interlock Cable is exactly the same early/late.
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