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 #392930  by charliebues
Happy February 19th club!
Hope everyone's Presidents day weekend is well. Added to the list of PTBDBC, or projects-to-be-done-before-Carlisle, is my magnetic phone holder for where the climate controls used to be. My first thought was to use a 3d printer, but I got some scrap metal from a TV destined for the trash heap. But a couple of days later, I salvaged some 6"x6" pieces of steel from work. It's also an excuse to buy the plastic welder and angle grinder from Harbor Freight I totally needed, wink, wink.

My phone is too wide and awkward for conventional phone holders. Plus the windshield mount blocks my vision of what's in front of me. The phone is a Microsoft Surface Duo. Having two screens for a phone is useful except for in the car, running Google Maps and any music app at the same time is very convenient when it works right. I designed and measured a piece of steel that will have rare earth magnets to hold the phone for easy access. Pro tip, get extra trim panels and HVAC units from the junkyard if you don't plan to mess up first try. Shout out to everyone who answered my Facebook question about moving the HVAC unit below the stereo.

Only the first try at a phone mount has been made and a climate control unit has been taken apart. I need to figure out how to put the magnets flush with the mount, deburr the edges, paint it, and bolt it to the donor unit.

[<We interrupt this forum post for a public service announcement.>]

DO NOT buy the 1/8in rotary metal bits for a Dremel from Harbor Freight!! I bought two sets of three and they lasted only an average of ten seconds each. They hold on for dear life with a flathead screw and prayers. If you need to precisely cut metal with a Dremel rotary bit, avoid this one at all cost. (Even if it was on sale for $4.99.): ... 69657.html

{This has been a public service announcement for avid and frequent Harbor Freight shoppers.}

The tools and parts I used: ... urface-duo ... 67488.html ... 64742.html ... 60662.html
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 #392931  by charliebues
Here some more pics from the process. Tomorrow is the big day. I'm driving up to PA, 3.5 hours, for the 18in Special rims. Drive safe everyone!
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