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General Discussions about the 300M and other LHs

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 #393572  by Craig Chrysler
Hello all .
I'm a bit frustrated with mechanics that have poked and jabbed at my 2000 300m and still come up empty trying to fix my A/C.
I'm in Philadelphia Pa but willing to drive wherever to get a GOOD Chrysler mechanic that can diagnose and repair the problems. It seems that there may be a BCM problem and possible control module issue but I'm not getting a straight answer just Maybe and it might be ...My Dealer has gone out of business and I'm loath to go to another anyway with a 23 yo car, they will see me coming! .. But there has got to be a Chrysler specialist that I can go to ... ANY RECCOMENDATIONS? ?
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 #393573  by Adrian63
I learned long time ago that at least in my case its cheaper to buy all the parts that I think are broken and swap them than pay all the mechanics I can find to tell me to buy all the parts they think are broken. Heck you are in US ,buy a BCM and everything around the damn AC and swap them one by one should be cheaper than a mechanic guessing ....but then again I swapped the transmission when a mechanic told me the noise I was hearing was the diff lol
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 #393575  by FIREM
Sorry to say that there was a time I would say stop on by however I have left NJ and retired to South Carolina.
What is actually wrong with your A/C system, meaning what is the actual condition.
Swapping parts rather than actually troubleshooting the cause is a waste of time, money and parts. Very rare that the BCM causes an A/C issue.
Does the Control Head light up and work?
Does the fan work properly?
Is there a belt on the compressor?
Does the Compressor engage?
Does the compressor cycle rapidly?
Gauges available to check pressures/ charge?
I could go on but answer a what you can and we can point you in the right direction!
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 #393576  by In-trepid
I have troubleshot and diagnosed more than my fair share of LH car air conditioning issues. I am not close to you but am more than willing to help. Something you might consider is to come to our meet at Carlisle in July. You will have access to the best LH car troubleshooting people in the country, and we will all be willing to help you. Before that, we need to get a little information about the problem as Bob mentions above. The more information that we can get, the better prepared we can be to help, either before or at Carlisle. A little bit of back-and-forth information will go a long way to getting the issue fixed. Throwing parts at it without a proper diagnosis is both costly and unnecessary. I have a few guesses on the problem, but I'll reserve my guesses until we get a little more information. You have come to the right place to get the help needed to fix this issue.
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 #393583  by In-trepid
I can count the number of times that I have seen a BCM cause an air conditioning problem. That number is ZERO! Let's get the specific issues with the air conditioning and attack it in a logical manner. Very few mechanics give the right answers on LH cars these days. That's the difference in troubleshooting it here. We know these cars!
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 #393588  by TrepKing95
I could offer my services as a fully certified Chrysler Master Tech actively working at a Chrysler Dealership, but my shop is about 165mi from Philadelphia. Please feel free to PM me to set up an appointment!