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 #393264  by First Lady
Hey there!

Wanted to start the conversation about what we think we'll do for our fall meet this year. I know there were mixed feelings about the event we attended last year so maybe we give Mopars at the Beach another try given we can't hold the weather against them.

This year it will be October 17-21. Hoping to gauge interest on who's up for attending!
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 #393277  by FIREM
We’re In as we could almost walk there.
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 #393279  by LUNAT1C
As always, I will plan for it. Bad weather or not, as long as I don't find myself driving through W. Va. on summer tires in November. Last time it was 25deg, so I had to be extra careful until we were well into NC!

I know some friends of ours from the Detroit modern mopar group will attend since they retired to NC and they love visiting Myrtle Beach, we ran into them at the 2021 show and you guys ran into them in Savanna! They hit the same show again last year after the one we all attended.
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 #393871  by First Lady
Looks like some details have been released about the schedule and registration is open!!
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 #393991  by 00R/T
What days is everyone going to be there? We’re trying to plan a fall trip to see my parents so this seems like a good time. But, we have an event to go to back home on the 20th so we’d probably only be able to catch the first day.
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 #393997  by M-Pressive
I think the plan is to be up there for the whole event.

They have a night show the first night that I would like to attend.
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 #394242  by First Lady
With the official weekend schedule here: ... embed_post

Anyone attending is more than welcome to take part in any of their events or not!

I know Keith would like to do the light show on Thursday night so we will likely arrive Wednesday for check-in.

On Friday, it would be cool to check out Bob's museum and plan a pizza party back at the Day's house. And Saturday is the large day-long show.
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 #394245  by FIREM
First Lady wrote
"On Friday, it would be cool to check out Bob's museum and plan a pizza party back at the Day's house."

I WISH it were MY Museum but alas it is Wheels of Yesteryear :
Museum opens at 9:30 we can go whenever. Paul the owner (82 yrs old) may even be there to share his stories. I would suspect we could easily spend 2 hours wandering around and even maybe a peak "Behind the scenes".
Day's Inn Detail and Repair center open and available anytime needed. Hanging out, Chilin, refreshing, doing whatever all part of the day.
 #394259  by 00R/T
Unfortunately my better half isn’t going to be able to come that weekend, so I’m on the fence about whether I’ll be making the trip solo.

The good news is that we’ll be coming out 9/3-9/12 and are planning a day trip to Charleston, so we’ll hopefully be able to see some of you.
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 #394265  by charliebues
I just registered for the event, looking forward to October. Only a month and a half to get a couple of projects buttoned up.