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 #394309  by LUNAT1C
I would ask if they have any examples of ones they've done. Anyone who has attempted has always run into the same brick wall and not gone further due to a scarce market for it.
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 #394310  by FIREM
Ruquicker wrote: September 4th, 2023, 9:28 pm I've talk to B&G chrysler (B&Gperformance) a few times and they claim its no issue at all for them to tune a lh platform computer.has anyone heard or delt with them?
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 #394322  by Ruquicker
I read all the comments on here? Please explain yourself?
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 #394329  by FIREM
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 #394332  by Sneke_Eyez
Bob, I understand your pessimism, but if someone says they can tune our PCMs, I am of the opinion that the correct response is to say, ok, prove they can do it and show us the results, not to down the person asking. Just because it hasn't been done doesn't mean it can't be done, but we need to see some results!

Doug (Ruquicker), I invite you to send a PCM to B&G. I have heard of them, someone posted years ago about talking to them I think, but nothing came of it, we never saw results. I thought the eventual response was that they thought the person asking was talking about an LX car 3.5 V6. If you send them an LH PCM to have tuned, please post your results. What are they saying they can do for the cars in terms of tuning? If B&G is willing to tune a PCM for us, I am willing to send them a PCM. However, I first want to know is what the tune can do for me and my Intrepid. If it can change the way the car drives, I am interested, but right now it has 2002 Special PCM programming and that drives pretty well in the first place. That was all I wanted with the initial post about tuning them to this person who got very offended that anyone would ask questions.

Eventually this may be something I try to have done if B&G will do it. Maybe I will call them at some point, try to resolve this for all of us rather than members that we do not know. (Doug/Ruquicker - please understand this is nothing against you, but a bunch of us have met personally, so we have a slightly higher level of trust with each other).