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 #394204  by LUNAT1C
TrepKing95 wrote: August 14th, 2023, 9:34 am Have we found a good part supplier for the clock light bulbs? I hear that a T5 bulb will fit, can anyone confirm or deny? I have fixed at least 5 clocks with this method, but still have to salvage a known good bulb from a used unit.
A million years ago I retrofitted mine with an LED from Radioshack (in Alan's driveway in CT), using a resistor to step down the current the LED saw.

Still works great today, though I wish I had used a warm white LED to get a reasonable match to the dash lights. Right now it's Ice Blue in color with the little blue bulb condom on the LED. One of these days I'll dig through my collection of LED chip bulb assemblies that I used in the ATC and EVIC to see what fits the clock... but that will still need something to get the right color for the dash. Those little blue sheaths won't fit over the SMD style LED chips.
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 #394205  by Phoenix
Thank you for posting this great tutorial!! Clock failed yesterday after 20 years and is working again.
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 #394361  by Phoenix
Just noticed that my clock light isn’t working since I don’t drive this car at night. Is the light only on the clock or somehow connected to the instrument cluster inverter? Anyone know a fix for this?

Instrument cluster is out as well but I have a replacement which I bought a few years back from a member. I have the FSM but could use any trick or tips for getting the dash apart and cluster out.

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 #394362  by M-Pressive
You need to replace the bulb
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 #394365  by Phoenix
You need to replace the bulb
Obviously :roll:

Have any suggestions for a replacement besides replacing the clock?
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 #394366  by FIREM
Dash cluster removal above.
Clock bulb basically unobtainum other than yard collecting and half of them are dead. I have used EVIC or heater control bulbs worked into the clock retainer with success also.
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 #394368  by Phoenix
Thanks Bob, I appreciate the help. I’ll look into those bulbs or possibly an LED replacement.
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 #394372  by LUNAT1C
I replaced my clock bulb with an LED and resistor. Look for a warm white LED that is the rounded cap resin type (not the surface mount chip type), use Ohm's law (V=I*R) using the vehicles 12V system and the rated current of the LED to get the correct resistor value, and get a resistor that closely matches and solder together. Resistor goes on the positive lead to protect the LED. Take the blue wrapper from the original bulb and put it on the LED to try to match the original dash color.

I did this with a bright white bulb in 2010-ish, which have me an ice blue hue. It's been working perfectly ever since.
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 #394378  by Phoenix
Thanks for the help. The replacement parts I just bought all work but I’m going to try the LED on my old one as a backup and fiddle around with the cluster.