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Discussions on suspension & steering repairs or upgrades.

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 #394377  by Nick82
I’ve used this forum for tips when working on my 2003 300m many times over the years and recently registered. Now I need help from some of you experts.

The other day the inner tie rod bolts, which had apparently been coming loose for a while, finally came out and one of them sheared off. Got the car flatbedded home, took everything apart, took out the rack and removed the broken bolt end, and put everything back together with a new bracket kit from moog. I put the front end up on jack stands to bleed the power steering system and I turn the wheel to the right. It’s a little hard to turn but it goes and both wheels turn to the right, but it seems like they don’t go quite as far as they should. Turn the wheel left and it turns til the wheels are centered again but won’t go any further. Neither the inner or outer tie rods were ever removed and the rack worked fine before I took it out. I did lose some fluid when I took the lines off the rack, but there is still a little in the reservoir. I know I’ll need more but doesn’t seem like that would cause this problem. Also I had no problem turning the wheel to adjust when I was putting the bracket on.

Please help. I’m lost and really need to get this car going asap
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 #394379  by FIREM
My best guess is that either something such as drilling debris or part of the broken bolt got into the gears of the rack itself.
Only other thing I can think of is there is a "block/or spacer" right where the tie rod ends bolt to the rack and it is out of place. (That's why in the car we usually replace one at a time, trying to keep that part in place.)
Let us know what you find.
 #394390  by Nick82
Thanks for the suggestions. I took it all apart again and after looking under the boot found that the sleeve that slides back and forth along the shaft in the rack and pinion is broken. So looks like a new rack for me unfortunately. Another 150 bucks in this car :x
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 #394398  by FIREM
Thank You for returning and letting us know you resolution.
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 #394404  by LUNAT1C
It may seem annoying to have to put more money into it, but the reality is a car of this age (don't care who made it, they all do) will need work, and it's worth it considering the bad state of used car prices these days.

Seems like a simple enough fix. The rack on these cars isn't the easiest to do but it's doable. If this was all precipitated with the inner rod bolts coming loose and breaking then I would also take the time to inspect the outer tire rods, ball joints, bushings, sway bar links, etc. to ensure the rest of the front end is in good shape, to avoid any more surprises after having gone this far. You never know. I do that inspection annually when I rotate the tires, even though I replaced most of those parts in 2021.
 #394405  by Nick82
Thank you for the advice. Outer tie rods are getting pretty worn and I’ll be replacing them as soon as I have the money to do it. And yes I know it’s an old car and these things are normal. Just frustrated because it’s been one thing after another. Just fixed a fuel line leak a couple weeks ago. I’m not exactly wealthy and don’t have a lot of free time to do the work so it’s been hard. But overall this car has be good to me. Bought it used for $1800 about 6 years ago and it’s my daily driver so can’t complain too much. My only real gripe is how difficult Chrysler made it to work on these things lol
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 #394406  by FIREM
Beats a car payment especially when you have the web site to help you DIY.
I have a hard time understanding how folks afford to maintain any vehicle these days.