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 #394414  by Slick300M
I have a 2001 Chrysler 300M that the driver's side seat recliner gears are both defective. The recline portion doesn't
work and the seat back wont stay up. We will be selling the car but need some advice on how to repair or replace these two gears that way
it can be sold.
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 #394415  by LUNAT1C
When you say "won't stay up" do you mean it's stuck at whatever position it was when the motor stopped working, or has the leanback fallen all the way down and is completely loose?

There was a recall way back in the day to replace the lower leanback bolts after a number of them in early cars failed and caused the leanback to fall all the way back and not respond to motor inputs (you can imagine the safety hazard that would be). Not sure how late it ran, but my 04/2002 build car had the recall performed by the 1st owner.

If the leanback is keeping some position and simply won't adjust when the motor is actuated, then it's likely the gears in the motor failed and it needs to be replaced. Salvage yard for this. Should be the same leanback motor across years and models with power seats (cushion adjustment motors changed as the adjustment positions were reduced from decontenting in later years, 2001 had the most position adjustments for both front seats).

Easiest thing to do for a quick sale of the car is to find a good condition driver's seat that matches yours and swap it. If it's impossible to find one that is as good or better (leather condition), then you can swap your better condition cushion and leanback to the seat frame with the good motors, or swap the motor. I've never removed a motor so I don't know which is easier to do.
 #394427  by Slick300M
It has fallen back completely. All the bolts are there and secure. What it appears to have happened is that the gears have stripped loose and will not allow it to raise and lower. The recline gears have stripped loose.
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 #394429  by LUNAT1C
In that case you can probably replace just the motor itself with a known good one, which is what I would do with access to a salvage yard to be able to pick just that part instead of lugging an entire seat.

Though, simplest and fastest fix is to replace the whole seat, assuming the replacement is overall in better condition. Swap the cushions or leanback depending on which one is in better shape, if that's necessary, to the seat base with the good motors, or just swap the whole seat.
 #394430  by Slick300M
Thank you for the input. I have searched for another seat to no avail. I do not know any other options at this point. I have decided to sell the vehicle and this is the only thing preventing that right now. Is it true you can replace both front seats with aftermarket ones?. If so, has any one done it with any success?
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 #394432  by LUNAT1C
Anything is possible with enough time and money. There are no drop-in aftermarket seat options, so custom mounts would have to be fabricated for a universal aftermarket seat. To my knowledge no one here has done that.

Check for any salvage yards in your area that may have a seat.
 #394434  by Slick300M
Thanks, Ill check them out
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 #394439  by TrepKing95
Have you checked to make sure your vehicle was not part of the Seatback Recliner Bolts recall? If you PM me your VIN I can check and see.