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 #393812  by wilsons_automotive
Apparently the sleeve to protect the cable on the engine side of the firewall traps water and causes the cable to rust. Found this YouTube video.

I pulled the cable lose at the transmission side leaving the console together. Fished the cable up past the exhaust manifold and coolant reservoir. Pulled the protective sleeve back to find the rust. Sprayed the WD40 Like in the video and let it soak. Moved the shifter through the gears. Repeated this several times until it was moving freely. Reinstalled on the transmission and its back on the road. I did make sure to leave the protective sleeve lose at the point it was trapping the moisture. Hopefully Dorman or some other aftermarket company will produce a new replacement cable. Lord knows there's a market for them.
We all need to send them a message requesting they do this ... new product ideas page on the Dorman website. ... rigin=menu
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 #394396  by FIREM
Thanks Timothy for the video and glad to see it apparently worked for you, results may vary.

I recently grabbed a cable from the yard in the same condition as the one in the video. Many attempts with various penetrants WD, PB, even soaked in diesel fuel, all to no avail. I was unable to free it up enough to warrant installation in a vehicle.
Once freed up I an mot sure how one would "seal" the outer jacket to prevent a reoccurrence.
It is worth a try but doubtful as a permanent fix.

While I do have one "in stock" I will continue to be on the lookout for decent ones to harvest and make available if I can.
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 #394532  by FIREM
So I received this message.....
Sent: 02 Nov 2023 17:19
by Concorde99
Hi I saw your posts about helping another member locate a shifter cable back in January my shifter cable just went out on my daily 1999 Chrysler Concorde and I have no more transportation now I need part number 5114093AA If u could help look I would appreciate it thanks. "

Just so happened to be a 2000 M in the yard with a good cable, now on its way to PA to save another LH from the crusher!
 #394533  by Robinhood99
I have a 02 300m that the shifter cable froze up like everyone else finding out they are discontinued I went on Amazon and for 36.00 bucks I bought one from a 2001 dodge intrepid and it works just fine.i will get the part number and post it when I get home later today.
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 #394543  by EasyRider300M
did you get the part # for the intrepid cable that will work for 300M?
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 #394544  by FIREM
All LH cars use the same shift cables. M, Intrepid, Concord, LHS.
Floor cables that is. Column shift cable is different