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 #394357  by FIREM
Some of you may know about Steve as a TV Car personality guy. He is a walking encyclopedia of cars, all makes and models.
About a month ago he had fallen ill and has been hospitalized for a while now and things do not look good for him.
The car culture has been reaching out to its members to assist and help Steve in a way we can.
Steve makes his living these days thru his You Tube Channel .
By simply watching his videos (and even Subscribing) will help him greatly. When this news want out Steve had less than 100k Subscribers, today he has almost 110k. I don't pretend to understand haw thi$ works but apparently it helps.
If you can check out a few of his videos it helps.

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 #394360  by LUNAT1C
YouTube offers channel owners ways of monetizing the content they post, and operates on number of subscribers and video views. Some YouTubers make millions every year from YouTube, and from sponsors, from the popularity of their content.

Hoping for the best for him, I saw Carlisle's Chrysler facebook page post something about him.
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 #394363  by First Lady
He and Ryan are from the same small town in western MA. Steve has been a part of many events we've been to including Carlisles and Barett Jacksons. A big blow to many car enthusiasts!
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 #394594  by FIREM
UPDATE: America’s beloved gearhead says he’ll be crawling the junkyard again soon!
Appears he is on the mend and planning to return.
His You Tube now has 134k subscribers and others are covering his content for the time being. ... th-update/
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 #394604  by First Lady
Amazing to hear this!!!!
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 #394871  by FIREM
January 6 Update:

GO Steve!!