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LED, Color Changes, Custom Lenses, whatever

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 #394602  by maddog56
So my moms passenger side headlight housing has been leaking and it finally got to a point to where it is holding enough water in it that it popped both high and low beam. I had some old led bulbs I took from my truck that I was able to use by trimming the lock ring for the headlight housing down and adjusting the base of the bulb to get them to fit he housings just so we could get the car going again.

This is the ring I'm talking about

I honestly do not think the lighting is any better on the low beam side. To be honest with the led bulb it seems worse. The high beams do out out my light though. I am thinking the little center cover over the actual bulb on the low beam is possibly messing with the lighting since the high beams work good and do not have that

In all my searching, every video I find or picture I see have cars are using a 9005 and 9006 bulb that have the 90 degree end and the bulb just twists into the housing. On my moms car it uses a 9005xs and 9006xs bulb that has the lock ring. I have not been able to find led bulb that would work with the housing on the car. All the new housings I find are the same as hers with the lock ring. I figured since I'm going to have to replace the housings when I can save the money to buy them I should get some better bulbs for her. I thought about some spare hid bulbs I had form a project I never finished but I didn't have ballast for them and thought that since the one housing is collecting water in it that it might not be for the best to use them.

For now I drilled some small holes in the very bottom so the water that's colleting in them can run out till I can find the housings that take a 9006 or a way to properly install a better bulb in the housing that takes the lock ring setup.
 #394603  by maddog56
This is a 2002 housing but the bulbs twist in instead. Am I over thinking this and there is actually a bulb that would work?
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 #394605  by FIREM
While not a Concord Headlight Guru, Rock Auto lists bulbs both straight or 90 degree for your application.
LED Bulbs tend to not have the same light direction as standard lamps. Reflectors built in to the headlights may not focus LED the same.
Not sure anyone here has Concord assemblies available, maybe Ebay??