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 #395823  by charliebues
Happy Saturday everyone! Crazy there is only 47 Days 13 Hours and 15 Minutes until Carlisle.

I installed the first Android 10 Xtrons Headunit, part no. PE51WRJL, for the 300M back in August 2022. And ordering the corresponding ISO harness had no issues with the pre-programmed steering wheel controls.

After getting the LHS, found that the factory stereo had 3 connectors (besides the antenna and ground cables) instead of the single connector on the M. Ordering the second ISO harness I needed and the updated PE52WRJL head unit, realized that the steering wheel controls still didn't work. Tried to do some research and met a dead end. Reserved to having to reach two feet to change the track or volume, I rode without SWC for the last year. Oh, the humanity!

Until yesterday, all it took was someone who knew what to look for and a pair of wire strippers. Shout out to the trepking for the 5 minute fix I unknowingly waited a year for, lol. Mike told me to try strip off no more than about an eighth of an inch of insulation off the LIN (Local Interconnect Network) wire and shove it in the purple/white wire (PCI input). Now the SWC work flawlessly (not counting the inability to customize the buttons' functions) and even the radio knows when to display the backup camerra (if I had it plugged in)! Driving home to the sound of my more-than-questionable music taste was barely soiled by my own slight embarassment.
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 #395824  by charliebues
In addition, if you haven't tried a bluetooth stereo and look to upgrade from the factory head unit, the Xtrons unit is made to fit and sounds decent. The jury might still be out on the subwoofer quality, if plugged straight into the head unit. For iPhone users, wireless CarPlay works well and Android users can only use Android Auto wired. Both work as intended. One version has even 4G compatability.

Although, a few things are to be kept in mind.

Instead of being able to have OTA (over-the-air) security patches and platform updates like most of every other Android device, Xtrons makes you buy an entire new headunit if you want to stay up-to-date with the software. Probably, as to not lose money if people bought one unit and updated it more often. Navigation from the head unit on Google Maps is slow; possibly due to only 2GB of RAM and but could work in a pinch with offline maps downloaded to an SD card. Make sure you purchase the right adapter for your specific model year of LH. I believe, starting in 2002, Chrysler moved from a 2 connector to a single connector solution for its 2nd gen LHs.

Xtrons is running a 20% off sale right now. The head units can be found on Xtrons' website (or possibly cheaper on fleeBay or Amazon):
Android 12 Wi-Fi only, new button layout: ... m-pe52wrjl
Android 13 WiFi/4G, old button layout (similar to Android 11 version): ... -psx52wrjl
2002-2004 1-Plug ISO Harness: ... 1wrjl-pwrh
1999-2001 2-Plug ISO Harness: ... BM7tmChfZj