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 #95482  by Reybeast
Folks, I am highly urinated at this point in time, I have been trying to get some struts from Junior at Darcars in maryland, and I spoke with him in december about those parts, and when I needed to go ahead and order them, everytime I call, he is either in a meeting, gone to lunch, or gone for the day. The rest of the time, someone puts me on hold forever, or if I do get hold of Junior, once he said he would call me back, once he said the parts were coming, even though I had not ordered them, and this final time, I spoke to him for 20 seconds, he put me on hold, and never came back!! I held for 15 minutes!! If you ever need anything from him, and you get him on the phone, complete your business with him right then and there, because only God Himself knows when you'll get to speak to him again. I know alot of you have used him with no problems, so I must have the bad luck. Sorry for my rant, and good luck to you if you deal with Junior.

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 #95498  by Red Baron
I deal with Junior on a daily basis in my business. Most of what you say IS true. Junior is a parts manager going 500 miles a minute who is NOT very good about follow through or call backs. That being said Junior is still one of the best friends this club has.

I will speak to Junior Tuesday. (Monday if he is in.)

Please e-mail to me your contact info and the exact parts you are seeking.

My e-mail is

I need your name and address to calculate shipping.

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 #95511  by mnitetrain
I also have dealt with Junior and understand the pressures he faces. He does try very hard to multitask. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Recent experience with both my and John Marse Sirius /and install kits..We were both sent wrong units. John received and found out 1st while mine was in transit. He notified Junior and Jr sent out the correct kits (air I beleive) and John arranged install. John then had problems with install (found out defective)

That did delay shipping of my correct kits to insure I got a good unit. Once John got squared away Junior sent mine. It did take a while and he was hard at times to get a hold of but he was trying his darnedest to take of business and make us happy customers. It probably did seem to him that he had gotten in up to his *ss in alligators while trying to help us but he did not give up or abandon either of us.

My local dealer on the other hand is small and only give MSRP prices and will not deviate from what his parts/accessory books tell him. In other words I would have a very difficult time ordering (in this instance Sirius) because it was not offered in 2001.

I would have no problem ordering from Junior/DarCars again if I don't need it yesterday.

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 #95515  by Bill Putney
FWIW, I keep coming back to what sounds like a joke but appears to be a reality of life - a sign I have seen:

1) You can have it *fast*.
2) You can have it *cheap*.
3) You can have it *good*.
Any two of the three, but not all three.

It seems to be a universal financial and human reality. To give good prices requires cutting overhead. To increase the quality, attention to detail, and speed of service increases cost, so your prices go up. Pick any two of the three, and remember that the third can only come at the expense of one or both of the other two.

Nothing to do with this situation, but I'm reminded of a sign that used to hang over the parts counter of a farm equipment retailer in the town where I live:

"We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you!"


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 #95529  by JohnMarse799
Hank is right. JR didn't give up on either of us on the Sirius SNAFU as I think most other dealers would have. Most I believe would have just said:

1. Wasn't made to fit that year. (01)
2. We got all the parts at or real damn close to dealer cost.
3. Would have been a lot easier to just to say to heck with'em, I ain't making any thing off this deal.
and he could have said, (to himself):
4. It wasn't worth the time or effort. (he spent a LOT of time & money on my project that wasn't passed on to me.)

So in my mind:
5. He went above and beyond my expectations on both Hank and my problems. Yep mistakes do happen, but in the end we both got what we wanted and for me, that is what it was all about. What about you Hank?

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 #95530  by EasyRider300M
I''ve bot over $700 in parts and accessories from Junior. Yes--a couple of times I called he wasnt available--so I waited a day and called back. When I did get to talk to him, he knew his stuff and helped with my ordering the right parts. One small shipment arrived and wasnt quite packed right. The contents had emptied out somewhere in shipping. They immediatley reshipped my order.

Ordering from Junior, especially if you need expensive parts or are not sure what is needed, is well worth the potential slight delay. Junior is very helpful and will save you some hard earned cash.

 #95548  by maximman
i have to weigh in on this.

jr. has been great to deal with. although i've had to recall him a couple of times it really hasn't been a problem. then when you factor in that he knows our cars and gives us outstanding prices it is worth a couple of call backs. i also realize that he's not my personal shopper and i'm always willing to work with someone who works with me.

another thought, if the frustration in your post is coming through in your voice when you talk to him i can understand how you might slip down the totem pole a couple of notches.

don't get me wrong i understand you're pissed but jr. has always been a stand up guy.

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 #95577  by Bill Putney
My only frustration (and it is a minor one that I have adjusted to by simply not waiting for him to call back) is that he will say "I'll call you [my emphasis] to get the credit card info. when the parts come in so I can ship them to you". I wait a week, thinking something must've delayed them, finally I call, and find out that they came in two days after they were ordered - they've been sitting at Darcars for almost a week waiting for credit card info. that he was going to call to get - which *never* happens.

The constructive feedback I would offer to Junior is that if you aren't going to call when they come in (and history shows that, in spite of honest intentions, for whatever reason, you won't), then don't raise false expectations and cause several days delay by saying you will. Better to tell the customer "Because I stay so busy, I won't have time to call you when they come in - just call back every couple of days and check - most likely they'll be here in 2 days. Once they're here and you call in with credit card info., we'll ship them right out."

The other alternative would be to take the credit card info. and use it for that and any future orders so that when the stuff comes in, it could ship right away without the delay, hassle, and expense of additional phone calls. *HOWEVER*, as Junior has explained to me, he doesn't want that information sitting around. I can live with that - so that puts us back to the first option, which is: Let the customer know that it is up to them to call back to check when the parts come in, and when they do, the transaction can be completed and the parts shipped.

 #95626  by Reybeast
maximman, you do have a good point, but I promise, I was never rude and never let my frustration show. I worked tech support and took calls from customers, and I'm pretty good at keeping my feelings in my voice level. I agree with Bill's posting, he should just say "I'm really busy, call me back in a couple of days". In Junior's defense, he was never rude either, very professional, just super busy is what I understand now. I feel like a jerk now for posting what I did, and if someone has the admin rights to remove it, I say go ahead. Like Bill said, I'll take "good" and "cheap".

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 #95627  by Red Baron
Don't feel like a jerk would be my suggestion.

You posted your feelings on the matter and they sparked good debate and information.

That is never a bad thing. I do not recall anything you wrote that was personal or vindictive. I am off today but I will call him in a bit.


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 #95633  by JohnMarse799
ReyBeast.Spoke to JR @11:55am and was told your struts shocks and lamp is going out TODAY per JR.


 #95635  by Reybeast
Allright!! Thanks guys, you are the best!!! Junior too!


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 #95652  by JohnMarse799
Ain't this club GREAT or what? :bounce

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 #95693  by mnitetrain
John speaking of Sirius have you heard

Bubba the Love Sponge on the Howard channels yet? OMG ROFL


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 #95727  by JohnMarse799
Not yet, but you know I will. :lol:

 #102880  by 300Michael
Where does one find Junior's contact number/s for him at DarCars? Thanks.