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 #150915  by trauma
i bought my 300m at a dealer down towards detroit michigan. FOX HILLS CHRYSLER I live an hour and a half away from this dealer. When i bought the car i was told that i have a warranty on it, anything that doesnt work right, take it to ANY chrysler dealership. Well that didnt exactly work that way. I took it to a five star dealership up here, close to my home. I had them look at the heated seats because they turn on and off by themselves. I also had them look at the rear right door lock. It would not unlock or lock with all the other locks. I mentioned that the car would start rough on a cold engine also. SO. They look at the heated seats and tell me that the problem was a connection. They simply had two wires that were not connected and that caused them to malfunction like they do. So i say ok fine. Then they look at the door lock. They take off the panel in the door to look at the wiring and everything and tell me the same thing for that. It had a set of wires that were not connected. So now im pretty happy i got two of the three things fixed. The engine starting rough is because the spark plugs are "undergapped". Dont ask me. SO im all set ready to go. the plugs are no problem i will take care of those. I'm on my way but they stop and say sir your total is $91.76. So i argue and complain to management that this is covered with the warranty i have on the car. 3 months 3,000 mile warranty. They have the nerve to say that all of those problems are MAINTENANCE! I say you gotta be kidding me. i had to pay them! they wouldnt let me leave with the car. So now I call chrysler and they agree that all of that is maintenance. i dont get it. i understand the plugs that is maintenance. now the heated seats are acting up again. I took it to the original dealership i bought it from and they are awesome. boom, im in and everything is working again. Before you know it im hitting fourth gear on my way home with my bum nice and toasty. SO A LITTLE LESSON HERE IF YOUR GONNA BUY IT "CERTIFIED" AND THINK YOUR GONNA USE THE WARRANTY DONT BUY IT FROM A DEALERSHIP THAT IS FAR AWAY. Thanks for listening to my cry about my situation.


p.s. dont buy or have your vehicle serviced at

 #150920  by ezgoing2406
Thats funny I had to LOL out loud. Sorry about your bad luck.

 #151020  by StPete300M
ezgoing2406 wrote:Thats funny I had to LOL out loud. Sorry about your bad luck.
You had to laugh out loud (LOL), out loud?

That had me ROFLOL on the floor out loud :D :P

I would always suggest having a certified vehicle serviced by the dealer that "certified" it. Less complications that way.


 #151034  by trauma
im the one laughing in the end. i got a call today and i got my $$$ back. so in the end i win. =)


 #151036  by JTROANOKE
Always read the fine print closely - I have seen many dealers in this area call their used cars "DealerX Certified". I ran across this when buying my wife's Toyota. Toyota spends a lot on marketing their Toyota Certified used vehicles and covers them with a great warranty. A dealer who did not participate in the Toyota Certified program tried to sell me a Dealer X (dealership name) certified car and tried to tell me how much better of a deal it was. Until I asked him what happened when the car broke out of town. "UHHHH, just have it towed here". I bought a Toyota certified car from another dealer....

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 #151694  by Dan87951
I guess an alternator, AC, Engine, Transmission are all maintaince items as well..?? That's why I never buy a warranty, most of them are more trouble than there worth. Get a good PPI done on the car and you should be set. I don't see how its the dealerships fault though? I would have verified all those items would have been covered under warranty before I brought it in, but shoot for $90 bux to get 2 out of the 3 items fixed I'd say the treated you pretty well. Popping the door panels off takes time on these cars.