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 #160418  by ragamuffin
Just wanted to post this for anyone else heading to a used dealer for possibly a 300M:

I recently bought mine in February, the 12th to be exact and have been posting ever since. I traded in my 2001 300M for a 2002. The 2001 300M was in my mother's name, though it was essentially mine.

Well, the used car dealer lost one of the checks I gave them for the down payment. I gave cash on Feb. 12, a check for a 1000.00, and another for a 500.00 to be deposited on my next paydate. This one was lost, yet no one called me or contacted me in anyway. So I get a letter from the bank that holds the note on my trade in wanting to know where the last two payments are, cause they never made the payoff. A livid nightmare. They ran me around to death, cause all sorts of credit reporting issues for my Mother.

They did finally make the payoff, including three extra payments that were due by that time.
Lesson: I will never hand over another another large check without getting a copy and a signed receipt. I had my sales contract and buyers' agreement, but still no one contacted me to say hey, you own us money?

Buyer beware.


 #160420  by 85merk
yep...when i gave them my $1000 deposit, i made sure to leave with a receipt and when i came to purchase it, i made sure they wrote down "Paid in Full".
He did look at me funny but gave no fuss about it.

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 #160441  by IS300M
When I bought the 04 at a small used car dealer. I went down and test drove it, made a deal and said do I need to leave any deposit, he asked if I had a dollar bill, and I left my $1 deposit on the car, came back the 2 days with a check, and he took a personal check from me. It was probably the 2nd best time Ive ever bought a car.

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 #160444  by EasyRider300M
IS: which dealer did you buy that car from?