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A place to talk about your non-LH current or former vehicles.

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 #173428  by FIREM
Finally got a chance to get some Zaino on my wife's new 08 Sebring Limited Hard Top Convertable
It has more toys than my M but it's hers, not mine......
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 #173429  by DKano
WOW!! That's a sexy looking Sebring you got there!!

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 #173434  by 300maximilien
Those are sharp looking cars. Do you keep her cars as clean as yours??

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 #173436  by FIREM
I try to keep them both clean.... even the last one......
Just got to be too much RED

 #173443  by Jason
Loven that Flag FIREM 8)

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 #173450  by EasyRider300M
what improvements (besides the top) were made on the 08 compared to the 07?---the interior looks simple yet very neat---nice clean look---the new chrysler "skyliner." What size engine is in it?

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 #173453  by Bill Putney
Looks nice! I think you have a misplaced modifier in your thread title. :)

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 #173455  by FIREM
Jason, Flag has flown 24/7 since 9-11 and will continue forever thanks.
EZ 3.5 6 speed auto stick, didn't really compare to the 07's. The Mustang had some issues, stopped at a dealer to look at a Challanger they had out front, wound up bringing the Sebring home......

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 #173469  by swalker
COOL She needs to bring it to Carlisle!

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 #173508  by FIREM
Might be in the running for "Most Clean" or do you want to teabag it??????

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 #173513  by swalker
I don't do stuff like that.

 #173531  by ezgoing2406
Nice car. The only thing I don't like about chrysler is there new style leather. It's just to plain. That is one thing I like about the M. The comfort is there.

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 #173612  by Carfan77
Nice ride Bob! Hope Darlene likes it, and keeps it clean. :)

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 #173657  by JA Cumbo
I don't care what Jeremy Clarkson has to say about those cars, I like them. I looked at one just like that, and I really loved the geewiz appeal of that top. :) And yeah the new leather isn't as nice unless you spring extra for the preium leather in the 300C's

 #173658  by maximman

on another note i just got back from germany and saw an M on the autoban. it was moving too fast to see if it had a club decal.

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 #173664  by swalker
James. Long time no see. We missed you in Indy this year.

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 #173862  by ja300mes
it was moving too fast to see if it had a club decal.
As it should be!

 #173865  by bugoy99
Bob, Very NICE Sebring.

I would like to own a convertible someday.

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 #173905  by ja300mes
Congrats! The Limited Hardtop 'vertible is the nicest Sebring ever made, hands down. And I love the color :D

I can't understand why this car is so abused in the press. The styling is beautiful, the fit and finish is excellent on all the ones we have sold at our store, and they have been reliable thus far. My customers love their cars. The four cylinder "World Engine" leaves a lot to be desired for sure, but all the 2.7 and 3.5 Sebrings have plenty of power and refined sounds.

Enjoy! Say NO to A/C!

 #173906  by Shadowvox6
Nice Bob...very nice!!