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Maybe we should have called this the Zaino forum

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 #192953  by anbstudio
Hi everyone,

I live in Canada, and this winter I made probably the biggest mistake of my entire car ownership experience. I left my Zaino products in an unheated garage throughout the winter. They froze and thawed multiple times, as temperatures varied from -35 C (- 31 F) to +5 C (41 F).

When I took them back in, my Z-5 turned out to have split into its components - however, upon shaking it well, I got a uniform-looking paste that's quite liquidish (i.e. less viscous than toothpaste). My Z-PC appears completely unaffected - no change in texture, viscosity or feel.

Can I still use these products on my car? Or should I suck it up and order replacements?

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 #192968  by FIREM
I am willing to bet they are ok to use. I would drop Sal an email on the Zaino site just to be sure

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 #192973  by 300maximilien
Wow...Zaino is still around!

I remember using that stuff back in really made the Stone White glow like a neon sign

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 #193122  by JoeKD
I was at a Meguiars tech event last month and he said that almost every of the products that are allowed to freeze are pretty much useless

I would assume Zaino stuff is the same
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 #318096  by tafi300M
Ruined, or not ruined? Yeah, ruined.
I did the same mistake with my AutoGlym wax. I let it freeze up. I still put it to test, and waxed my 300M with it. My wax had created water in itself, and every stroke with cloth left water droplets onto surface. Everything went well, the car was shiny after polishing. But the next day the car looked weird. It looked like a prototype in Arizona desert. Filled with white swirls. :shock: All the spots where was water while applying the wax, were white. I'm glad they came off with ease by cloth, but the wax is now in the trash can.
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 #318106  by monte4
I think the stuff will be no good. I wouldn't take the chance and make a mess and have to do twice as much work redoing the car. Just chalk it up to dumb lesson learned.
 #318119  by BigMike60
I did Formula 2000 stuff [orange bottle] one time at about 35 degrees in the garage and the result was that the paint on my dark green Aurora took on a cloudy finish. I learned my lesson on that, and will never do a car in bad temp. May get the same result if your stuff got near freezing. Check with Sal is good advice.
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 #318121  by LUNAT1C
Personally I'd write it off and toss it. I've left things in an unheated garage and used them the following year in the past, but the garage never really got to less than 40F. Attached garages, so I guess they got some residual heat from the garage. Detached... forget it.