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Gotta Poll, post it here

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What is your opinion of your car (looks, reliability, driving experience, value etc)

Drive=Love This is one heck of a fine car
This is a fine car but has some drawbacks
This is an average American car-nothing special
No votes
It is far from perfect. I am barely satisfied
It sucks-can't wait to dump this pc of crap
No votes
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 #215583  by EasyRider300M
I have heard varying opinions on the LH car ownership experience . This is a place to show your enthusiasm or lack thereof in owning and driving your car. Feel free to post comments supporting your vote. Should be interesting to see the results of this poll.

This is the third poll on this topic. The other two have been closed.

To read past opinions, the following poll was run in 2006:

And here is another one (also locked) from 2002: ... 03&start=0
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 #215585  by alandw
First vote is up - 100% Drive = Love :!:
On my 11th year and second M - 3 years on 99M - 8 years on Special with MANY more to come.
I've burned thru a lot of cars - some way more expensive than the M - but this is the best all around daily drive and perfomance sedan.
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 #215593  by Bill Putney
Vote no. 3 (thanks again for including other LH cars).
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 #215601  by FIREM
EZ you kidding???? Maybe the fix is in on this poll...LOL
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 #217509  by EasyRider300M
well--it's nearly unanimous--the M is one heck of a fine car--drive=love. We'll have to forward these results to all the car mags and Consumer Reports and JD Power so they can report to the car world what a gem the M is to own and drive.
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 #217662  by mnitetrain
LOL it hurts too good!! Love it but feel I'm not worthy!

It makes me it's money (CENSORED) LOL!!
 #227410  by Tarheel
Other than it's fun to drive, luxurious, good looking and very reliable there is nothing to like about it. :wink: