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 #227219  by 99GoldM
I am about to change the spark plugs on my car and I want to stay on a $30-35 budget for spark plugs. I looked up some spark plugs I wanted and I was thinking about getting the ACDelco Rapidfires. I searched on this forum to see if anyone has used them, but could find anything on them. Can rapidfire plugs be used in our cars? The autozone site says they're compatible, but I wanted to be sure before I put the wrong plugs in my car lol. I was going to go with the NGKs, but a little out of my price range. I was gonna get bosch, but I have heard toooooo many negatives about them. If I can't use the ACs then I am going to just put the regular Champs in. So any input would be great.
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 #227220  by Bill Putney
If you can't get the NGK's in your price range, my vote would be to go with the Champions.
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 #227221  by grayslater
There isn't that much negativity on the Bosch. I've been using them for years now. Like anything else, if there was a major problem with these, they would have been pulled from the shelf long ago.

I put many a miles on the old 2000 before selling with the +4s (120K miles) and currently have the +2 in my Special (over 20K miles since last year with the +2s). Not to mention that the price range for the +2s were just great for what I wanted to spend.
 #227222  by 99GoldM
Thanks guys for the replies. Yea your right grayslater about the bosch plugs, if they were bad they would be taken off the market and I have been seeing alot of positive reviews about these Bosch on the German cars (Mercedes and BMW have the +4 as their dealer replacement plugs). Also walmart had the Bosch +2 and you can get 2 of them for just under $8 bucks. I am going to sleep on it tonight and I am either going to get the Bosches or I man just bite the bullet and go ahead and get the NGKs.