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Do we need to change that Long Life Coolant anyway?

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 #255092  by Brendar
BalKamp Coolant Reservoir replaced three times....defective? But everything we have done to this car was Essential to getting it to run. Remember even though u tell yourself u know and believe is not the same as doing it! To correct this overheating problem was costly but needed. Bleeding the air several times if necessary is needed, making sure the thermostat is not shhhhhh in backwards a must, yes replace the water pump/timing and save yourself some back pain and buy the correct funnel. Thanks John for not giving up kisses I couldnt have fixed it without you! And thanks to all on here for your support shoutout to Cory!
 #255093  by Brendar
Oh yeah moving over to second problem.... Check engine - P0700 codes. Wondering how long I can drive with this problem...bye.
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 #255094  by Bill Putney
New cap for the bottle?
 #255124  by Brendar
It came with the bottle.
 #255125  by Brendar
Oh wait no we had to replace the whole coolant reservoir 3 times! one had a whole where the hose connected and one had a cut on the bottom and the last was defective inside some kind of separation. Got it from NAPA.