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 #237476  by M-Pressive
I would like to thank everyone who attended this years Endless Summer Cruisin event. We had a great time cruising the strip, talking cars at the inlet, and doing some "spirited driving" on the go-cart tracks!

Most of us had a Thursday night arrival and knew we were at the right place by the "Welcome 300M Enthusiasts Club" sign flashing on the side of the hotel. After dinner we were in the parking lot until close to midnight polishing (scraping off bugs from the drive) for the next day.

Friday was spent at the inlet getting the cars ready for the show and checking out all the other rides that were parked around us. Cindy competed for the most cruisin' award by walking from the hotel to the inlet that afternoon (2 miles!!). We went to Hooper's Crab House for a seafood dinner and headed to mini golf for a competitive 18 holes. After a stop at Dumser's ice cream, we headed out to cruise the strip. The cars looked great and got lots of attention, some more than others (Alan). Our group was complete when Robert joined us after a successful job interview late that night.

Saturday was the real show day and the inlet was packed! The cleaning was fierce, but that's a given with Bob in attendance. We even saw Goofy getting a little window cleaning and tire shine. I don't think we would have made it all day without the supply of beer from Dave!! The club did our judging during the day and enlisted the help of a forum member who was attending the show, former Chrysler employees, and the Long Island Car Club. They took it very seriously and were a big help. Lots of people stopped by to check out the cars and I was pleased with the amount of traffic all the cars received. The crowd especially seemed to enjoy the "Dodge Stratus" that was "dressed for Halloween" though I know Ron continues to be haunted by the comments. We went to Bonfire that night for dinner, it was the biggest buffet I had ever seen.

The awards were given and the winners are:

Best Overall Modifications-Ron and his Motorsports edition Intrepid (that quick membership renewal Thursday night really paid off!)

Best Sight & Sound-alandw(Alan)
Best Cruiser(Best in Show)-silverspecial(Keith)

Members Choice-FIREM(Bob)
The awards were a little different but I think they turned out great. Lindsey (the official ballot counter) says they resulted in a great competition and that all the cars were very deserving.

Alan provided us with some great raffle prizes and we had a good time dividing up all the prizes. Robert was the winner of the big prize, a digital tire pressure gauge.

After awards, the group continued their competitve nature on the go-cart track and had a total blast! There was plenty of bumping, laughing and a great time was had by all.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed to the inlet for some relaxation time. Our last day together was nice and we hung out, ate classic OC treats, shared stories, and headed home.

The weather was amazing all weekend! Great beach weather as Darlene soaked in the rays - eighty degrees and not a cloud in the sky. The comradery and friendships that I find so valuable were very present over the entire weekend, even when Seth got pooped on by a pigeon!! This really is an amazing club with amazing people. I was honored to be able to plan an event and have people enjoy it so much.

I have tons of pictures to upload and hope to get them up today.

Mark you calendars for next year - October 7-9 2011. The group has already talked about some improvements and hope to make it even bigger and better next year!!

Thanks again for making the trip, I hope to see everyone very soon!!

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 #237479  by swalker
Would love to have been there I bet Seth freaked when the poop hit him LMAO!!!!
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 #237480  by FIREM
Yes it was a great meet.
Big THANK YOU to Keith & Alan for setting up all the details!! (My bet is Lindsey had a hand in it too :lol:)
Stan, I personally delivered your hello to Lindsey!!
Seth did go bonkers but we did have something to clean him up with!!
Working on pictures next.... ... 96&start=0
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 #237501  by 300maximilien
silverspecial wrote:Here is the link to a bunch of pictures that Lindsey took. ... city-2010/

Keith those new rims of yours are nothing short of amazing!
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 #237511  by mnitetrain
You guys really know how to rub it in!! Looks like another fantastic weekend in OC. Would really have liked to been able to get down but I got home from Florida Friday (DID think about popping down) but after two postponements of my mom's surgery decided to hang on to my pennies as I expect to have to go back down very shortly.

Missed Hoopers and Thrashers!! Glad for all you it was fantastic. Congratulation Robert on your job.
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 #237522  by GoofySenior
Just a quick post...more later. Needed to let everyone know what was left on Keith's car just as we were leaving!!!
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 #237524  by M-Pressive
300maximilien wrote:
silverspecial wrote:Here is the link to a bunch of pictures that Lindsey took. ... city-2010/

Keith those new rims of yours are nothing short of amazing!
Thanks Craig,
It took me a long time to decide on a set of rims, I am glad I made the decision to go with the ones I have.
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 #237525  by M-Pressive
GoofySenior wrote:Just a quick post...more later. Needed to let everyone know what was left on Keith's car just as we were leaving!!!
That was a lot of bird poop, must have been payback for laughing at Seth on Saturday morning.
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 #237527  by YardleyBill
Looks like everyone had a great time.

For me, it was nice looking at the pictures and knowing who everyone was!
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 #237532  by grayslater
Need to get home to review all of these pics (blocked at work). Sounds like a great time was had! :)
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 #237571  by beespecial
Great pics. Man! I wish I could have been there.