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 #250431  by Gerald
Hi, can someone call an online store where I can order original Mopar parts for the timing belt replacement?
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 #250443  by BMac
Most people here get their parts from for their timing belt jobs. A quick search here will give you plenty of reading recomendations and part numbers. If you insist on factory part$, FIREM recomends ... der-parts/ for good prices. As far as whether they will ship internationally, you will have to contact them and inquire, unless other international members chime in with answers. Good luck.
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 #250459  by Bill Putney
If teeterboro doesn't ship internationally, this may help:

I think we've had only one report back of a European member trying to use them - don't recall the details, but IIRC they didn't order from them due to something they felt was unreasonable. IIRC, the problem was that they charge full list for internatinal shipments - no discounts from list, but I could be mis-remembering. If someone can find that post, maybe link it here. But it doesn't hurt to contact them and see what the deal is.
 #250488  by Gerald

thx for your answers. :bravo is perfect, you will find all parts and the side is in german language.
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 #250666  by 300maximilien
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