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 #256220  by YardleyBill
I know people always bash the dealer (and rightly so) but I have the Durango in for a coolant flush. $49.99 and you get a free oil change and tire rotation.

Not a bad deal.

Of course, they'll add a few bucks due to "shop charges" which are BS (there's your bashing) but all-in-all not bad. I have argued that if a coupon says an oil change is $26 and it says nothing else, you can't charge $3 extra for "shop fees", but they do.
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 #256260  by grayslater
My dad has an interesting method of getting out of some of these "additional" fees. He's the owner of his own construction/carpentry business. I've heard him claim to tell guys (in a smaller town mind you) that he wasn't paying for disposal fees for tires. He's told them that if I come and roof your house, I don't give you the option of leaving your old shingles behind nor do I charge you extra for hauling them away.

But you're right, that doesn't sound like a bad price. Just watch out for the upcharges I guess??
 #256305  by Tarheel
It does sound like a good deal. I like my Chrysler dealer and they also have service specials, they will also change my oil and filter for $10 with the oil and filter I provide. :)