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 #295313  by M-Pressive
I have some time free from school over the next three weeks and I wanted to let everyone know that my next project will be a club memorial page.

This page will highlight members of this club that have passed away over the years.

Here is a link to the page that in under construction-

I will be updating the pull down menus for every page on the site and I have added a link in the main forum header.

I will let everyone know when it is complete.

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 #295336  by swalker
That's nice Kieth
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 #295442  by M-Pressive
I completed the page tonight.

I will update the menus on each page of the site and add this page in tomorrow.

Please let me know if there is anyone else that should be added.

Thank you.
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 #295455  by 300maximilien
Nicely done. Should we search around for pics of the others maybe? They may be hidden on the old EZ forum posts.
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 #295456  by 300maximilien
Curious. Does one need to be active or does even a past member qualify?
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 #295458  by M-Pressive
Past members are included. They just needed to be a member at some point.

Feel free to look for more pictures. I was not able to locate any more by searching the old posts.
 #295462  by BigMike60
Nice. If people have photos it would add a really nice touch.
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 #295471  by M-Pressive
Pictures for all but one person have been added. I will update the last one when I hear back as well.

Thanks for the comments and picture help.
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 #295477  by swalker
Very nice I bet Rob can get you a photo of his Mom
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 #295541  by M-Pressive
swalker wrote:Very nice I bet Rob can get you a photo of his Mom
Rob sent me a picture today. They all have a photo attached now.
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 #295542  by swalker
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 #322779  by wiz
Nice idea.
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 #340521  by GoofySenior