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Wanna Shave your Door Handles, customize emblems?

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 #310167  by Null
Wanted to know how to take the chrome trim and pillars off without ruining them.

Is there a how-to on this that someone knows about? I searched but can't find one.

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 #310168  by FIREM
 #310169  by Null
ty sir.
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 #316373  by Cypressdelight
I'd like to put chrome window trim on my 2000 300M. Are these OEM or aftermarket? Where's a good place to get the chrome window trim?
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 #316643  by LUNAT1C
Salvage yard or B/S/T forum here.

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 #329294  by tafi300M
They are OEM, at least in my car. I,ve seen cars w/black trim here too, so it's not euro-spec.
Mine are heavily corroded tho, being aluminium, they fail with age. I'm planning to grind them smooth and polish. Laquer maybe. Re-chroming them needs to be done abroad, due to price.