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 #317975  by FIREM
Ran into this on another forum. 3.5 swapped into a Fiero. The guy was having stalling/starting issues after the transplant. Turned out to be crank sensor. Shame to see an M go away but a rather interesting build....
 #317978  by Rod Schneider
I'm a member of that forum (I have an 88 Fiero GT) and I've been following that swap. It's very nicely done!
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 #317982  by 300maximilien
Wow..... it's amazing what some people can do! I bet that car is a blast to drive!
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 #318061  by swalker
That guy is something Else Wow
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 #318066  by kvice623
And I thought our engines were crammed in. LOL Very nice build though.
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 #318076  by hrmwrm
To add to my experience with these engines I just looked up some pictures I had taken during a trans engine replacement and it was a 2000 Concorde with the 3.2 that had a messed up trans and a trashed engine. I dissasembled the junked engine and found the sludge in the bottom of the pan along with a bad timing chain and of course a trashed rod.
someone in the thread is kinda confused.

lot of work. good thing he likes the results.