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Do we need to change that Long Life Coolant anyway?

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 #327917  by Mottman
Leak from drivers side is likely:

( 1 ) bypass line that returns from heater-core and recovery tank and runs
under left exhaust manifold to thermostate housing.
( 2 ) recovery tank or cap, tanks are known to develope leaks on the underside
where you cant see the leak easily.
( 3 ) left side of radiator or lower return hose, this is actually kinda rare,
radiators usually fail on the passangers side at the seam for the side tank.
( 4 ) waterpump, The problem with the water-pump is it could start leaking but,
because it is hidden by the timing covers you cant easily see it until its leaking
rather bad.

That bypass line is what rotted out on The EVIL Sickness. Spewing all the coolant
all over the starter. Fortunatly, the starter wasnt damaged.

Has the timing-belt, tensioner, water-pump, and tensioner-pulley been replaced yet ?
Keep in mind, even if it has, we have read some reports of aftermarket waterpumps
leaking or failing prematurely. Wouldnt hurt anything to pull the covers and inspect
to be sure if you cant find anything else.

Keep us informed on your progress so we can help.
Good luck gettin it taken care of.

The EVIL Sickness
 #327922  by isrb710
user97 wrote:If belt, w/p, and tensioner pulley were changed at 100K, there is no need to change them at 165K unless 7 years have passed. You can wait till 200K or 7 years whichever comes first..

What about air bubble possibility?

Good luck with this. Make sure you replace the coolant with HOAT coolant. Chrysler long life, Zerex G-05 or there's also a Ford version.

Also, I recommend you update your mileage in your profile. There's a big difference between 130K miles and 165K miles. Often you'll get different recommendations on what to look at first based on the mileage. I assumed you were at 130K or close for several posts!

Also, where are you located?

 #328594  by Ashunte
Replaced reservoir, timing belt, tensioner, water pump, bled system no problems so far in my garage haven't had a chance to road test him yet. But I might have lost timing, I'm getting a cylinder misfire on 1&5
 #329531  by Ashunte
Took him out for a spin and all seems well. Will drive the car to work tomorrow for the final test.(Crossing my fingers!) Also, want to thank every here on the boards for the knowledge provided!
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 #329540  by Mottman
Best of luck on this problem being fixed for good ( hopefully ).
You might wanna check it frequently and carry around a couple
gallons of coolant ( or at least distilled water ) and a funnel for a
few days, just in case.
I do.

The EVIL Sickness
 #329766  by Ashunte
Yes, made it all week, first day had me scared watched needle move up, but fans kicked on and brought it back down. Gonna have to say after driving my Escalade the last couple of weeks feels like I'm in a sports car! Thanks again to everyone here!