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  • Discussion about price incentives and costs.
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Discussion about price incentives and costs.

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 #326272  by ddurr92
i found a a junkyard here in manchester tn...i think there are more in other states as is the link for the website. just right click..
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 #326368  by Bill Putney
Try North Carolina - it's a mecca of junk yards. I can search for a part on in Virginia and get, say, 1-1/2 pages of listings. Drill down the exact same part for North Carolina and would typically get 6 to 8 pages. I know TN is a l-o-n-g state, but if you're near NC, try searching there. But if they have to ship it anyway, it wouldn't make any difference.
 #326370  by ddurr92
^^^good info^^^
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 #326382  by Bill Putney
Chrysler Conker wrote:Thanks Bill!!! Just checked on the website and found endless amount of engines...
Glad to help. Looks like you're on the Eastern side of TN too. BTW - Dan (Daytrepper) lives in NC. I want to say Asheville, but not sure.