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Do we need to change that Long Life Coolant anyway?

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 #326919  by coatsy
I have read through a number of threads but not exactly where I should start.
Car just started to fog up in side (mostly just on the drivers side of the car).
There is no dampness on the floor under the glove box as some people mentioned to check.

I checked the coolant level in the bottle (drivers side) and it seemed a bit low, I added in some coolant a couple of days ago.

Still having the same problem re: fogging up. (Doesn't seem I have lost any more coolant)

The temp gauge sits where it should and the air in the car gets fairly warm.

My confusion here is whether or not I should replace the heater core as this seems to be the culprit for the fogging up, however I am not seeing any leaks into the cabin so I am not sure this is definitely the problem. Secondly I am considering taking the car into the shop to get a complete flush done, hoping that this will solve the problem.

Lastly, and I have a weird feeling that this could be my problem. The water pump and belt may very well be on their way out. The wife said about a week ago when she was driving to work on the highway upon accelerating she hear a god awful noise followed by extensive squealing (belt?).

Would appreciate any advice as this site has always been super helpful.
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 #326922  by 300maximilien
How is the condition of your A/C system? Belt on? Compressor working properly? That squeal may have been the compressor clutch seizing.

To properly defrost (remove moisture) from the air in car the compressor must be able to work properly. If clutch is bad, belt is bad or charge is low/missing (EVAP failure) the system WILL NOT work properly and you will fog up.
 #326925  by coatsy
Hi Max, not sure how the AC system is as it has been like -25C for what seems like forever.
I can say that the AC worked perfectly fine last summer.
 #326928  by coatsy
I am trying to upload a video of the car running. I notice a fairly loud noise which sound like air blowing. Can't seem to locate where it is coming from front of motor left side is what I can gather.

Guess I can't upload the file to here. I will try to post it on Vimeo and add the link.
 #326929  by coatsy
OK the file was to large so I have shortened it and added it to my website. Hopefully this will work? Click on Car Video to view