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Wanna put on some cool treads?

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 #328848  by Sonicrob
I'm loving the new look!!!



Can't wait to see how she looks when I finally install my Eibach springs! Stay tuned :)
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 #328851  by procid
Goddamn.. It looks good :) Here in Lithuania SRT's are so rare, so there's almost no chances to buy rims like that. Crap..
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 #328880  by Rodrick
Hi Robert,

Awsome rims, congrats :)
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 #328900  by TrueBlue
M-O-N-E-Y. That looks mint
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 #329007  by 300maximilien
looks strangely familiar! And hot!
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 #329496  by Sonicrob
Thanks guys. Does anybody know the center cap size for these rims?
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 #329516  by 300maximilien
Get some custom ones from Billet Technologies
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 #329691  by dim289
what size of tires must be on this rims?
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 #329709  by 300maximilien
Either 255 or 245 /35/20
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 #329716  by Sonicrob
Went with 245/35/20.