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  • Is it leather, a nice vinyl, if leather, sealed?

  • Get a vacuum and some Armor-All Leather Wipes. What else do you need?
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Get a vacuum and some Armor-All Leather Wipes. What else do you need?

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 #329359  by Redwingone
Hi, I was going to pick up a leather conditioner at Walmart the other day, and waited to check out some reviews of them on Amazon. I had read in posts on this site that only the sitting surface of the seats is actually leather! Other reading on Amazon said that quite a few car makers have applied a sealant or coating over the leather, a leather conditioner can't work on leather, if it can't get to it. The factory leather sealant has created a barrier over the leather, a different product should be used on that sealant (many are urethane).
Do we have a sealant coating the leather that is used on the sitting surface of the seats?
Are all the "non-leather" surfaces considered a vinyl, and is it coated with a sealant? 303 aerospace protectant has received rave reviews for vinyl/rubber.
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 #329368  by InfernoLime
To answer some of the main questions.

1. I believe the full seat to be leather, simply from some of the 'damage' I have on the seat compared to the upper part.

2. While there may be a sealant on the leather from the factory, cleaning products will still clean the seat as well as re-add protection that will have worn off after over a decade of use on the seat.

This is what I use. ... 0qqxlVdVm4

I have been using this for a while and have seen no reason to break the bank on Meguiar's or ArmourAll stuff. I like the 'slippery' feel when its all clean.
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 #329539  by LUNAT1C
I've had good success using Leatherique on my seats. The rejuvenator oil does a good job of of nourishing the leather and putting nutrients back into it, forcing dirt and pollutants out. Then the cleaner takes all the dirt away and makes the leather nice and smooth, not shiny, slippery, or sticky. It takes a day to use and can be pricey, but it works well.

Alternatively, you can use Lexol cleaner and Lexol conditioner for faster cleaning and conditioning.