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Maybe we should have called this the Zaino forum

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 #334191  by ddurr92
Mcquires wax any good?
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 #334193  by LUNAT1C
Meguiar's a good polish and wax. I used gold class for years before stepping up to Zaino. I still use the M105 and M205 polishes when needed. I also use PlastX, ScratchX, gold class clay bar, Final Inspection spray wax, and Meguiar's buffing pads. My favorite parts-store-available brand.
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 #334194  by 300MaximuM
I used plastX a few times with great out comes. I also used to use the quik detailer
 #334195  by ddurr92
Okay I'll wax it after I figure out my alignment issue...if I do. I put it on Facebook for a fast response.
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 #334215  by Mottman
What allignment issue do you have ? Post before and after printouts of the
allignment specs to us so we can help.
And if the shop cant give you a printout or at least show the specs for you
to jot down, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE !
Gloss over some of my posts and
comments about allignments and some of the shops dirty tricks.
Knowledge is power.
And,of course show us pics of your car all polished up when its done.

The EVIL Sickness
 #334256  by ddurr92
Will do.. If I remember to ask for printouts lol