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Wanna put on some cool treads?

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 #336724  by brodizzle83
Hey, I have a set of 14" wheels and tires from my '91 Dodge Dynasty (I know the wheels wont bolt up) and the tires are Firestone Winterforces...2 are new and 2 are about 50%.
My question is, if I could get 4 14" steel wheels with 5x115 bolt pattern (80's-mid 90's GM cars), would they clear all the brake components on my '02 Special? The tires are damn near the same height as the 18's are, so this might be an awesome winter setup if the wheels will work.
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 #336726  by LUNAT1C
Way too small. 16" is the smallest I would go. Any smaller won't clear the calipers.
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 #336727  by TrueBlue
16s are the smallest that will clear the calipers, I had a set of meshies off of a Concorde in the junkyard.