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 #345331  by Chrysler1924
While trying to re-assemble the first of my set of Special mirrors, I somehow managed to break the plastic cover that snaps over the motor assembly behind the glass, covering the motor.

This happened while I was trying to snap the glass back in place on the mount. I'm going to have to research another way of getting the glass on, but in the interim I need to get another plastic mirror motor cover.

Aside from the obvious differences such as a turn-signal, the mirrors are also larger in size than the 1999-2000 mirrors.

I'm wondering if I could re-use a motor cover off my old set of mirrors and if it would work properly. Or... am I stuck waiting to find another set of Special mirrors to cannibalize a mirror motor cover from.
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 #345334  by FIREM
Motor covers same, directions to assemble in the KB