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Wanna put on some cool treads?

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 #350637  by Markymark
Hi guys I'm new here. I found a good deal SRT wheels for my car and the tires are 245/35/20. I wanted to know that if I need a wheel spacers for SRT wheels?
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 #350638  by LUNAT1C
SRT8 or SRT Design? SRT8 wheels are an inch wider than SRT Design and generally require the quarter panel lips to be rolled to give clearance. My SRT Design wheels don't require this action and I only get rubbing when I go over big bumps with people in the back seats.
 #350640  by Markymark
SRT8 wheels
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 #350641  by LUNAT1C
Look into having the quarter panels rolled. SRT8 is a 9" wheel.