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 #381361  by Sneke_Eyez
I don't understand how it can meet pedestrian safety standards as it currently exists.

Maybe they'll prove me wrong - I don't care, the thing is horrendous.

And I have absolutely nothing against electric cars - we just bought my wife a plug-in hybrid last month.
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 #381362  by beespecial
I haven't posted much, if anything, in this thread because I'm not really impressed with the appearance of any of the Tesla vehicles. But the truck, in my view, is the worst of the worst. It looks like it was inspired by Legos and they spent a total of 10 minutes on design. There is absolutely no soul to this design. There will be some people who will buy it regardless of that. Doubtful that I will be one of them even if I could afford one. Too much ugly on that machine.
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 #381383  by adu1982
I saw some other designs of the Cyber truck, just Google search it and it looks much more like a truck , or like it should be. Might be that this is what they came up with so far to show off something. Those designs are not bad , but this one is just unbelievably ugly......the Lego comparison is right on track...... And yes the Aztec looked much better, and that is one the ugliest cars of all time.

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 #381388  by hrmwrm
nope. elon even said for the truck they're doing something different and people may not like it at all.
exterior skin is something though.
hit it with a sledge and it bounces off.
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 #381405  by hrmwrm
a chinese guy with his updates of gf3. some produced model3's are in the lot.
quite the large building going up behind the factory.
wonder if their battery supplier is building a close factory for supply. tesla is not using their own or panasonics.
but with all the aquisitions, they may be having a chinese facrory producing theirs under license.
or maybe some other parts supplier.
 #381563  by Countachqv
hrmwrm wrote: November 24th, 2019, 2:45 am 146,000 preorders in the first 24 hours of the trucks debut. ... re-orders/
By God this is getting worst and worst! I recall back in the days where guys with pintos and chevette were laught at! then they were the stone pet people. Now we are gonna get the tesla trucks people! I am not a truck guy but I cannot imagine what the truck guys will say about the elon truck. Does it come in purple haze lol? this must be another Musk (CENSORED) to steer up controversies. Cant be real
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 #381576  by hrmwrm
it's real. funny thing. i was reading a story where they said truck guys hate it, but others like it.
and as for others speculating on colors, purple haze will probably be among them.
seen some pretty bright ones already.
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 #381783  by hrmwrm
already above 3000/week in china now. ... 3000-week/

and a factory in germany soon. probably 1.5-2 years on it.
if electric expansion keeps up, it could phase fossils out in a decade and a half.
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 #382272  by EasyRider300M
Buffalo NY factory making progress.. stock price growing.. ... o-factory/
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 #382870  by hrmwrm
while things are shutting down here, gf3 is up and running with some procedures in place.
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 #383914  by hrmwrm
don't mess around there.
newest building is bigger than the first.
should be producing from this one by the end of the year too.
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 #383936  by Sneke_Eyez
You know, I've observed several things about Tesla recently:

1) Musk is a whack-job, and I think he hurts the company more than anything. I wouldn't buy a car from his company because of him.

2) I rarely see anyone who looks like they are enjoying themselves in a Tesla vehicle.

The cars themselves might be great, but the company leaves much to be desired.
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